The Reckoning, Book I: Darkness Falls

October 13, 2012 in Books, Completed, Freebie

Given that I’d taken the lead on a computer game project and had a) no coding skills, b) no artistic skills, and c) no musical skills, I decided pretty quickly to focus on the stuff I could do. Namely, telling good stories, organizing, and designing, so…that became my role.

Over the course of the first weeks and months, I tried to get my feet wet in all the major areas of the project. Learned to become a crude-but-effective graphic artist, learned enough about the whole coding thing to hold down my end of a conversation with the folks who had probably forgotten more about their craft than I knew, to that point, and learned the basics of musical composition.

Still, my heart was with the stories, and that’s what I focused on.

Pretty early on, I saw two things as being important. One…I wanted the story framework to matter and be an integral part of the game, and two, I wanted it to be woven into the fabric of the game itself, and not, like so many games I’ve played, feel “bolted on” at the last minute so it could be shipped out the door.

To accomplish those goals, we needed a “bible.” A completely fleshed out document that described and defined the game world, and that’s how the first Candle’Bre stories were born.

From there, the writing project sorta took on a life of its own, and became something of a project-within-a-project.

I also decided pretty early on that the first book in the series (and even then, I knew it’d be a series of books, and not just a single volume) should be free, in order to get people interested in the story.

This one’s free for the taking. Get your copy:



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Project Completed, February, 2004


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