Five Days in May

October 13, 2012 in Books, Completed

There’s a game I like to play when I’m driving, especially when I’m driving alone.

I call it “the map game,” specifically because no maps are involved.

Basically, what you do is, drive till you don’t know where you are.

Use a coin toss to determine whether you go left or right when you come to an intersection.

Spend one day getting completely lost, then spend the rest of the weekend trying to find your way home and exploring the place you find yourself in.

Fun game, and it led me to the little town of Saluda, North Carolina.

From there, a bit of driving took me up past Hendersonville, and into the environs where “Five Days” is set.

I’ve actually been to Pond Mountain and spent a considerable amount of time in that haunting place.

The story was an outgrowth of my happenstance discovery of the place, and the strange feeling that it left me with.

When I came home, I started writing.

Twenty-two days later, the story was done.

One draft, very minor editing.

It was as though someone (or some thing) had planted the seed in my brain and insisted that it be born.

Unsettling, but it still stands as among my favorites.

This was the first time I attempted to mess with art programs…the cover’s mine, and though I’ve had offers from real artists to do it justice, my friends have convinced me to leave it as it. I think I’m satisfied with that.

It’s a ghost story, set in the mountains of North Carolina and has an authentic feel to it, because of the time I spent in the region. I also researched Cherokee language and lore before jumping in.

It may not be completely accurate, but I think the time I spent learning about the subject also made the story better.

At any rate, clicking on the button below will get you a copy if you’re itching to dive in!

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Project completed, June 2003


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