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Bad Company – Illyriad Fan Fiction

October 14, 2012 in Freebie, Ongoing, Other

Okay, I admit it. I’m an Illyriad junkie.

I don’t spend a lot of time playing games any more. To my way of thinking, if I’m playing games, then I’m not designing or writing, or creating.

Of course, a little downtime does a body good, so I do allow myself some indulgences now and again, and Illy is one of them.

Totally addicting, highly recommended game. Join me!

Project ongoing since February 2012


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The Pandorica

October 14, 2012 in Books, Ongoing

Life, it seemed, was not quite through with me yet.

In 2010, my marriage ended, and I separated from Christina while working on this latest volume. I think we managed to part as friends, and I hope she feels the same.

I also hope that when time and distance heals the hurt, she will look back on our time and remember the good with at least as much clarity as the bad, because there was a lot of good.

She will ever remain a dear friend.

As to The Pandorica itself, as you can see, it is currently lacking its clothes. It’s cover.

I’m working on that, but haven’t quite worked out what it should be.

If you have suggestions, feel free to get in touch and let me know what they are!

The story itself is unlike anything I’ve ever written.

I spent more than three months researching Greek mythology and working my plot line relentlessly until I could marry the two, add to the body of lore in sometimes subtle ways, and tell a good story while doing so.

The Pandorica is set in modern times, stars the Goddess Pandora, and is a sexy, romantic thriller involving…you guessed it, a madman.

Any story that involves Greek Goddesses, sex, madness, and frogs…dude, you just know it’s gonna be good, right?

To get your copy today, click the button below!

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Get your digital copy right here, for just $1.95!

Project completed October 5, 2011, minus cover art


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Batch Article Spinner

October 14, 2012 in Business, Featured, Ongoing

I‘ve always been a fan of automation. No…that’s not right. I’ve always been a fan of the IDEA of automation. Most of the time, until somebody points out that I’m doing something longhand that a machine can accomplish in ten seconds or less, I don’t notice.

I’m bullheaded like that, but I confess that I love the IDEA that if I can get a program or machine or device to do something repetitive for me to free up my time, that’s fantastic!

There are lots of repetitive tasks in internet marketing, and one of the most annoying to me is article spinning, so, after talking with my buddy Solver, we came up with a solution. (clarification: Solver was aghast at how much time I was spending on certain tasks and lent [the] poor DeVel a hand!)

If you want to grow your business, then volume’s the key.

The problem with volume is…the more stuff you’re handling, the longer it takes.

Sure, sure, there are other article spinners on the market.

You open your first file, plug in the article, push the button, done.

Close the file, open the next one, plug in the article, push the button again, done.

Rinse and repeat, and that’s all well and good, but when you’re dealing with more than just a handful of articles in a given month, you’re looking at a huge time sink.

BAS removes it. Load ALL your text files into the software, set your destination directory, push the button, and collect the output.

It used to take me an entire day each month to do this.

Now it takes about two minutes.

I’d call that a win.


Anyway, if you’re into internet marketing at all, and want to give it a look, we’ve got a video on the Batch Article Spinner (BAS) site that shows it in action. Check it out by clicking on the image of the site!

Project completed, June 2010, though development is ongoing and new features are always being considered


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October 14, 2012 in Business, Featured, Ongoing

Having done nothing but fiction work in various forms to this point, and having lived through a number of life changing experiences, I suppose you could call me [a] DeVel at the Crossroads.

In any case, in 2008, when the Great Recession ate my job, and saw me go from cushy middle manager in Atlanta, living a six-figure lifestyle, to security guard in a Condo parking lot, working thirty hours a week for twelve bucks an hour (and that was after six months with no work at all), I guess you could say I’d been burned once too often by the corporate world.

I determined to find a way to make it on my own, and that led me to explore all sorts of possibilities.

One of those possibilities was internet marketing.

I spent lots of time doing all the wrong things, before finally finding a home with good teachers, dug in, and started doing the boring, repetitive, unglamorous work that is the reality of internet marketing.

And you know something?

It works!

As a job, it sucks, but it does work, and it does pay the bills, and the two brilliant, beautiful things about it are these: 1) it keeps earning month after month with little added input, and 2) you’re your own boss. If not for those two things, I’d never recommend it, but I regard those as two fairly big, important things, and I suspect that most folks do.

In any case, I figured out my own methodology, which proved to be quite different from what other folks were doing, and turned it into a blueprint for success.

Thus, Crossroads was born.

The image above leads to the Company Store site, if you’re interested in knowing more.

Project completed, January 2010 (with ongoing updates), after more than a year’s worth of experimentation


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The Courts of Candle’Bre

October 13, 2012 in Freebie, Games, Ongoing

I have to admit that after the success with “Five Days,” I felt pretty invincible.

I was active in the gaming community, and a conversation came up about who would be the “dream team” in terms of creating Civ 4.

To my surprise, my name came up on that list, and I was honored by it.

That got me thinking…hey, I’d written a few books to this point, and while hard, if I could do that, I could do a game, right?

So I jumped in with both feet and…

Oh. My. God.

Up to this point, the books were the hardest thing I’d ever attempted.

The computer game was harder.

Waaay harder.

Probably harder than all of them combined, and then a bit extra for good measure.

Jesus Christ…I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

I intuited it fairly quickly though, and also learned that I had exactly NONE of the skills I’d need to make the project succeed.

That’s when I started casting about for help, and that’s when the Workshop became populated by more folks than just me.

I have learned so much thanks to this project (and am learning still…every single day I discover something new, either about the game, the process, or myself) that it boggles the mind.

One of the most important lessons learned though, is how much more enjoyable creating is, when you do it collaboratively.

Writing books is all well and good, but the real magic comes when you get a group of people in a room (virtual or otherwise) and start up a creative jam session.

From the first such “jam session,” I was hooked, and I haven’t looked back since.

Candle’Bre as a game will never be “done,” and I don’t care. There will always be something new to add, and I’ll enjoy every second of it.

Clicking on the website image on this post will take you to the site, if you’re curious to see what we ultimately created. It’s a turn based strategy game, set in a 100% original fantasy world, and beyond that, I will say no more, leaving it for you to explore.

Pssst! And guess what? The game’s free too!

** Solver and I talked about it, and we’ve learned so much from our first attempt, but we also feel that the game would be better served by starting on Candle’Bre 2.0. To that end, we’re calling this project done, so we can start with the re-imagined game, taking into account all that we’ve learned, keeping what works, and ditching what doesn’t.

Stay tuned for details!

Project begun 2002, formally ended October, 2012


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