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Having done nothing but fiction work in various forms to this point, and having lived through a number of life changing experiences, I suppose you could call me [a] DeVel at the Crossroads.

In any case, in 2008, when the Great Recession ate my job, and saw me go from cushy middle manager in Atlanta, living a six-figure lifestyle, to security guard in a Condo parking lot, working thirty hours a week for twelve bucks an hour (and that was after six months with no work at all), I guess you could say I’d been burned once too often by the corporate world.

I determined to find a way to make it on my own, and that led me to explore all sorts of possibilities.

One of those possibilities was internet marketing.

I spent lots of time doing all the wrong things, before finally finding a home with good teachers, dug in, and started doing the boring, repetitive, unglamorous work that is the reality of internet marketing.

And you know something?

It works!

As a job, it sucks, but it does work, and it does pay the bills, and the two brilliant, beautiful things about it are these: 1) it keeps earning month after month with little added input, and 2) you’re your own boss. If not for those two things, I’d never recommend it, but I regard those as two fairly big, important things, and I suspect that most folks do.

In any case, I figured out my own methodology, which proved to be quite different from what other folks were doing, and turned it into a blueprint for success.

Thus, Crossroads was born.

The image above leads to the Company Store site, if you’re interested in knowing more.

Project completed, January 2010 (with ongoing updates), after more than a year’s worth of experimentation


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