October 13, 2012 in Books, Completed

The SMAX guide was a labor of love, and such fun to put together that it seemed a novel was the next natural step in the progression of things. I’d gone from writing little snippets of poetry and gathering them into something coherent, to writing a pretty fabulous game guide, so…why not? Surely a novel couldn’t be that hard, could it?

Famous last words, of course. “Guardians,” turned out to be a nightmare of a project that took me eighteen agonizing months to complete. When it was finally done, I was so drained by the experience that I vowed never to try anything like that again!

This work is a thriller. A classic “chase novel” where the good guys spend most of their time running for their lives before ultimately getting backed into a corner for the inevitable showdown. I intentionally wrote the ending to be open ended to allow for a sequel if the mood struck. So far it has not, but I do have some ideas for where to take the characters next. In any case, I think it’s a good read. Yes, you can definitely tell it’s my first try, but that’s true of most authors.

For me as an artist, the main things this work accomplished was that it allowed me to prove to my satisfaction that I could “do” this stuff, it gave me the opportunity to experiment, and it did both of those things in a framework that was both interesting and entertaining.

** Author’s note: I’ve been asked repeatedly if there’s a sequel planned for this book. The answer is, yes…eventually. I’ve got the seed of the story in my mind and have had it there for some three years now. It’ll eventually get written, but for now, it is percolating.

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Project completed August, 2002


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