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    Thumbnail…And the Kitchen Sink, too!

    So…if you love a good read, but can’t decide which of the books here to get, then boy, does [the] DeVel have a deal for you! Get the whole set, right here, right now, and […]

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    ThumbnailIf you’re intrigued by the Candle’Bre project and story line, and just want to jump in with both feet, there’s no need to buy each book separately. Instead, you can get all four volumes here, along with the […]

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    Hello, and welcome to the Peanut Gallery! Take a moment to tell us about yourself, then, feel free to start up a discussion thread about any of the public projects here, or, participate in an existing one!


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    his was my first organized project. I used to write a fair bit of poetry, and although much of it was destroyed by vengeful women and time in general, some portion survives. The stuff that did, became these […]

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    y first actual book was a strategy guide for a computer game. Specifically, for Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri. Over the four editions of the work, it received high praise from the gaming community, being […]

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    he SMAX guide was a labor of love, and such fun to put together that it seemed a novel was the next natural step in the progression of things. I’d gone from writing little snippets of poetry and gathering […]

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    here’s a game I like to play when I’m driving, especially when I’m driving alone.

    I call it “the map game,” specifically because no maps are involved.

    Basically, what you do is, drive till you don’t […]

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    have to admit that after the success with “Five Days,” I felt pretty invincible.

    I was active in the gaming community, and a conversation came up about who would be the “dream team” in terms of creating […]

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    iven that I’d taken the lead on a computer game project and had a) no coding skills, b) no artistic skills, and c) no musical skills, I decided pretty quickly to focus on the stuff I could do. Namely, telling […]

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    y the time I started writing the second volume of the series, I was pretty sure it’d be a trilogy (I was actually off by one…there wound up being four volumes in the set!). It felt like a big story, and I […]

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    veryone on the project knew the basic lore and framework of the Candle’Bre universe long before the books were completed, but also, there was an air of excitement with each new chapter’s completion.

    I had […]

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    promised myself that I’d take a much needed break after the more than six years it took to write the three Candle’Bre volumes that made up the main story, but there was more yet to say.

    In the intervening […]

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    he first board game I ever designed was in college…a cult classic called “Beer Run,” where you started in your dorm room with $1.83 (the amount of cash I had on me on the night I put the prototype […]

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    aving done nothing but fiction work in various forms to this point, and having lived through a number of life changing experiences, I suppose you could call me [a] DeVel at the Crossroads.

    In any case, in […]

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    ‘ve always been a fan of automation. If I can get a program or machine or device to do something repetitive for me to free up my time, I’m all for it.

    There are lots of repetitive tasks in internet […]

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    s you can see by looking at the project completion dates, there was an enormous gap in productivity in the 2007-2010 period.

    Lots of reasons for that.

    By the time the curtain closed on the fourth volume […]

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    ife, it seemed, was not quite through with me yet.

    In 2010, my marriage ended, and I separated from Christina while working on this latest volume. I think we managed to part as friends, and I hope she […]

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    kay, I admit it. I’m an Illyriad junkie.

    I don’t spend a lot of time playing games any more. To my way of thinking, if I’m playing games, then I’m not designing or writing, or creating.

    Of course, a […]

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